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I'M TONEKA ROYAL. I’m certified in health and wellness by Real Balance Global Wellness, and trained by the Wellness Mapping 360 Methodology, which is based on behavioral change psychology from a holistic approach. I’m also a certified master fitness trainer and specialist in nutrition, with a focus on digestive health, Ayurvedic practices and nutritional disease prevention with more than 15 years experience helping woman achieve bliss and live healthful lives!

I find true joy in teaching woman how to live a more healthful & blissful life; nourishing your wellness from within through eating whole natural foods!


Have you ever given thought to what it means to be healthy, seek mind-body balance and be in alignment with your body’s natural needs? Or what it means to eat the right foods, practice self-love and live well? Are you letting your sacred self-care fall to the wayside because you’re too busy taking care of everyone else? 

You’re not alone…

Living healthy, experiencing mind-body balance and feeling confident in our skin is something we all consciously or unconsciously desire. However, a good number of us don’t know what it actually means to be healthy and experience self-love. How do we best begin our journey on the necessary path to live in wellness?

Let’s ask ourselves: What exactly does living in wellness mean,
and how can I achieve it? 


I’m glad you asked! I’m here as a friend and coach to take you by the hand as we make our journey together to discover our inner selves and work toward achieving wellness, vitality and optimal health.

Nourish Your Wellness from Within

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I first met Toneka as my coach at Orange Theory Fitness. She would say these inspirational quotes while working out, inspiring one to eat healthy and nourish your body. I spoke to her regarding weight loss journey and I started her program “Your 21-Day Jumpstart to Nourish your Wellness from Within”. The program was exactly what I needed! She provided me with great nutritional information, as well as a plan that was based on healthy nutritional facts, not a fad yo-yo diet. A lifestyle change. During the 21 days, I was discipline and with her encouragement I lost 9lbs. The 9lbs was exactly the jumpstart I needed to prove to myself this is attainable and NOT DIFFICULT. My favorite part of the plan other than the science behind it, was the shopping list provided. This made shopping for meals so easy, there was no guessing.  I was able to choose healthy options, and make them a staple in my refrigerator!!

A month after starting this plan, I continue to lose weight.  I am now down 11.4lbs. Take away the scale, I have lost a lot of inches and gained a lot of confidence with this plan. Toneka has inspired me so much, and I invite anyone and everyone to read her plan and do the work! It is WORTH IT!!


- Cristine D -

Amazing person inside and out with and incredible work ethic!

- Susan K -

Toneka is an amazing health and wellness coach.
She provided individual support and customized plans to fit my needs and hectic schedule.
Working with her was an amazing and provided positive life changes for me.

         - Caryl B -

Toneka is Phenomenal!


Myself along with several friends have completed her detox program on several occasions. Not only did our bodies feel amazing, our skin was radiant! Toneka worked with us every step of the way.

Toneka has coached me in the past to achieve specific goals. Her professionalism and daily checkins were a key to my success. Toneka offers a Maintenance Program for post Detox that I found extremely helpful. Through her coaching and assessments, I was able to reduce my inflammation and swelling from a medical condition. Also Toneka was able to identify which foods caused my body to have certain reactions.

I recommend Toneka 200%! Her personality, professional, supportiveness and attention to every detail set her above the rest!

            - Kimberly E -

I signed up for Toneka's EmbraceU Fall Detox to support a friend.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  When I received the meal plan and schedule for the next 7 days. I immediately thought there is no way I could do this.  But it's what I signed up for so there was no turning back.  This detox was life-changing, you go through ups and downs as your body tries to adjust to your new limited diet.  There were a few times where I felt like throwing in the towel but when the thought came to mind, I would get a message from Toneka checking in on me.  She was with my every step of the way.  I vented to her and jokingly said I was dying because of the lack of food.  I told myself once this detox was over I would never ever drink a smoothie again.  To my surprise, once the 7 days was over my body craved the smoothie.  And here it is 2 years later and I still have a smoothie a day.  


This program is amazing, you learn the importance of clean eating and how much better you feel and look.  About day 3 of the detox, I had this glow and it wasn't in my head multiple people commented on my skin.  I slept better, didn't crash mid-day and did not feel bloated.  I recommend this detox to anyone trying to jump start a healthy eating lifestyle.  It will change the way you look at food and force you to make better choices.  

           - Nadia C -


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