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My name is Toneka Royal. I’m certified in health and wellness
by Real Balance Global Wellness, and trained by the
Wellness Mapping 360 Methodology, which is based on behavioral change psychology from a holistic approach.

I’m also a certified master fitness trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition, with a focus on digestive health and Ayurvedic practices with more than 15 years’ experience helping women live healthier, happier lives.

I can proudly tell you that in order to experience healthful living and achieve optimal wellness, you need to eat what’s best for your body and nourish your wellness from within. I’m not saying this because I’m a wellness coach; I speak from experience because I’ve personally been on the other side of healthy living and struggled with my weight and not knowing what foods to eat.

My path to wellness has been a winding, uphill battle.

I realized I needed to be a better me and

not compare myself to others.

My life journey has not been an easy one. It has taken years for me to become comfortable in my own skin and love myself as a human being. I've surpassed many obstacles and have made it through very difficult times.  Throughout my life, I listened to negative voices that told me I was fat, and ugly; I truly believed that I was not worthy. While some of those negative voices came from well-meaning family and friends, many came from my own heart. Loving myself was a difficult task and I didn't believe that I could achieve much of anything. I was overweight with bad skin and no confidence – not the greatest combination. I lived simply doing what others thought I ought to managing to stay on a course of confusion, misery and mediocrity. This was my normal: avoiding thinking too much about who I was, not loving myself, nor having the desire to want more out of my life and well-being. I internalized these negative voices, allowed my self-esteem to plummet and practiced a daily regime of self-loathing…not the best way to live life. 


In 2001, some small piece of me had enough. I took a few simple steps; I began to lose a few pounds and channeled the disparaging voices into positive fuel for me to begin changing my life. I set the goal of entering my first fitness competition at the end of 2002; which was always my dream, not knowing that I would be derailed even before I stepped on stage. For over a year, I trained in the gym twice a day while eating clean healthy foods. Two weeks before my first show,  my friend and I were involved in a fatal car accident and was hit by a drunk driver on our way home one evening. I found myself in the hospital, bedridden and immobile facing months of therapy, wanting to crumble into a deep depression and self-loathing because this body was broken once again. Over a year of hard-work and progress was taken away by someone else's poor judgement. I honestly didn't have the will to start all over again. Sadly, lives were lost that evening which made me realize that my life was spared and I was given another chance to live life the right way. After this experience and years of looking in the mirror and feeling worthless, I decided that crying with disgust was no longer an option. I started to take control of my life, taking the negative things about myself and turning them around, with my weight and self-confidence at the top of my list. I took control and began cleansing my life. I started by incorporating a consistent workout regimen and shifted my focus to reading everything fitness, wellness and nutrition related, learning about whole foods and eating for a healthy body and skin. I also studied the benefits of detoxifying my body and eating a plant-based diet. To be honest, although the car accident was devastating as people lost their lives that day, I wouldn’t change this experience that happened to me. My car accident fueled my fire, and I realized that I was given a second chance to live life. Since then, I’ve embraced every obstacle that comes my way.

Overcoming obstacles and achieving success.


After this transition time of self-reflection, learning and transforming my body, and overcoming many difficult obstacles thereafter, I took my goal one step further. I stepped on national stages to compete in the Fitness America and Fitness Universe competitions along with a several other organizations …. winning 13 championship titles! I also began modeling and was featured in several health magazines and on billboards across the country – something I never thought in a million years I’d be good enough to do! The feeling of self-accomplishment and turning my life around was a true transformation indeed and so rewarding!


After 10 years of competing, it was time for me to hang up the 6-inch stilettos and share what I’ve learned so that women like you can nourish your wellness and beauty from within and embark on your own personal transformation journey.


Only when you Embrace “U” can you live healthier, livelier and happier, because the true wellness comes from within.

What I learned was not achieved overnight – it actually took years of trial and error to perfect! After co-authoring The Pennington Plan for Weight Success with Dr. Pennington, I realized my passion for writing about wellness, which inspired me to create my brand, EmbraceU. From there, I wrote Nourishing Your Health and Beauty from Within through Positive Affirmations, and created The EmbraceU Detox: Your 21-Day Jumpstart to Nourish Your Wellness from Within Program in hopes of helping women discover the power of driving change and success from within, while achieving glowing skin and living a healthy life.


Taking the first steps on an unknown path is tremendously difficult, terrifying and challenging to the body and the psyche. But you have to start somewhere. Embrace obstacles with ease and learn from them; build strength through experience and know that your defeats provide the seeds of great accomplishments! Embrace your journey and embrace you!

Toneka Royal Wellness Coach
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Lose weight - permanently & easily! Dr. Andrea has teamed up with Hollywood fitness and nutrition pros, Linda & Toneka, from BWellFit to bring you the last weight loss book you'll ever need! This book contains a thorough understanding of weight loss principles, food types, recipes, exercise programs and everything you need to stop yo-yo dieting, counting carbs and points and start loving life!

Included is the PENNINGTON PLAN, the 5-step motivational plan that Dr. Pennington used for her own weight success mission.  It's the same plan that she shared on Oprah, taught all across the country, empowered  patients with and coached participants in the Travel Channel's Swimsuit Slimdown competition.

guest speak at the "Transforming YOU! Wellness, Beauty and Style Summit"

Toneka was part of the “Transformation Dream Team of Experts” panel with the “Transforming YOU! Wellness, Beauty and Style Summit” with Dr. Pennington.

As a health & fitness expert in the industry, Toneka shared her wealth of knowledge providing tools that will help woman learn how to eat clean whole foods that will nourish their health & beauty from within and achieve glowing skin!

Toneka Royal  Dr. Pennington
Toneka Royal Bride Magazine
Toneka Royal Bride Magazine



As a real bride walking down the aisle in May of 2018, Toneka became the contributing writer for Black Bride Magazine offering fitness and nutrition tips for brides to be!


If you're planning to walk down the aisle, subscribe to Black Bride Magazine for more wellness tips to be fit and fab on your wedding day!

Toneka Royal Bride Magazine


Toneka was a guest speaker on “Women’s Radio” with FitandFun (, where she shared her fitness and wellness journey to inspire women to positively transform their bodies and embrace who they are.

Toneka Royal
Toneka Royal Fitness Competition
Toneka Royal Ms Fitness



Toneka is a 13-time Figure, Bikini and Fitness champion holding 10 of those titles with the “Fitness America” organization. 

She was also featured in Oxygen and Ms. Fitness magazines and has appeared on numerous billboards across the country representing health and wellness ads for Blue Cross Anthem Health.

Toneka Royal Fitness Competition
Ms. Fitness America
Toneka Royal Oxygen Magazine
Toneka Royal Oxygen Magazine
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As a prominent health advocate, Toneka is the creator of the “TEAM PHIT Kidz” wellness program with the Robert Royal Foundation, which is focused on preventative health measures and tackling childhood obesity. 

Through her passion and philanthropy efforts, she strives to make significant impacts in communities across the country by helping to bring awareness to healthful living practices through proper nutrition and being physically active; specifically designed to drive results and real success.

In 2013, Toneka was also nominated for the “Women Making A Difference Award” for her positive impact on empowering woman in her community.

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