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Nourish Your Wellness from Within

Are you a woman that wants to live a more healthful life and follow a path of total health and wellness? Join our Facebook community today and surround yourself with like minded woman

whom empower each other during their journey to wellness!

In continued pursuit of my passion...I founded embraceU.

Our brand primarily focuses on woman wanting to take back control leading more healthful lives nourishing their wellness from within through proper nutrition and self-awareness. We promote mind, body balance and support each other as we all lead very busy lives as moms, business women, and entrepreneurs and need a strong support system with like minded women who share the same goals. We offer healthy eating tips, fitness ideas, meditations, self-awareness and how to walk with confidence despite our daily challenges.

Toneka Royal Embrace U

The goal and mission of embraceU is to help woman learn how to
cope/ignore negative talks, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage.

Life can throw very challenging things at us and we all need a support system to help us cope. Helping women learn how to develop a strong mind and body holistically to experience inner bliss and embraceU is our goal!.