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A Natural Approach to Healthy, Glowing Skin: 6 Tips to Try in 2022

Updated: Jan 31

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While it’s important that we take care of our skin on the outside, it’s just as important that we take care of it from the inside. The foods we eat, stress, hormonal imbalances, and other lifestyle factors all play a huge role in our skin’s health. A natural approach to healthy, glowing skin can help enhance your existing skincare routine. Read on to discover 6 natural ways to care for your skin on the inside and out.

1. Nourish your body from the inside out

Our diet plays an important role in our skin’s health, so by eating nourishing foods, avoiding the ones that are bad for us, and drinking plenty of water, you can prime your skin for that healthy, happy glow. Some of the best foods for skin health include salmon, avocados, nuts & seeds, beans (fiber!), sweet potato, bell peppers, broccoli, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries.

2. Mind your sugars

Frequent blood sugar spikes can lead to insulin resistance and a trove of other problems, including skin conditions and diabetes. Cut back or avoid processed sugars if possible and be more mindful of how you consume your carbs. To lessen glucose spikes, it’s advised to start the day with a savory breakfast instead of a sweet one, eat vegetables before anything else on your plate, and accompany sweet treats with a healthy dose of fiber.

3. Limit your stress

Stress isn’t just mental. When you experience too much stress, you become more prone to breakouts, inflammation, gut issues, etc. Consider incorporating mindful activities such as meditating or breathing exercises into your routine to manage stress better. You may also want to consider enlisting the support of a therapist or coach if the stress in your life has become unmanageable.

4. Sip on herbal teas

Sipping a warm cup of tea can be soothing to your mind, body, and soul and great for your skin too! Green tea contains polyphenols which help repair damaged skin cells. Chamomile and turmeric teas contain anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint tea helps balance the naturally occurring oils in your skin and encourages skin cell renewal, and ginger tea eases digestion, facilitating toxin elimination.

5. Exercise for glowing skin

Regular exercise increases healthy blood flow ensuring skin cells receive all the nourishing nutrients they need. Increased blood flow also promotes the healthy elimination of toxins, so your skin is getting more of what it needs and less of the bad stuff. Additionally, exercise reduces stress which, as discussed earlier, can also be a culprit of skin conditions.

6. Take a collagen supplement

Collagen is a type of protein that provides strength and structure to the skin, connective tissue, tendons, cartilage, and bones. As we age, our collagen stores diminish, and therefore you may want to opt for a collagen supplement to support collagen absorption. Collagen can be taken through capsules, powders, or applied topically through creams and serums. Bone broth is also a great way to add a healthy dose of collagen to your diet.

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