Effective Total-Body EmbraceU Home Workout During COVID19 Pandemic

Updated: Mar 28

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. Many of us may experience a bit of cabin fever while bunkering down inside. Try my EmbraceU quick and effective total body workout that you can do while at home. All you need are a few hand weights and bands-optional. Now is the perfect time to focus on your wellness, stay healthy and get fit! More workouts to come! All thoughts and comments welcome!


Perform all exercises below with 20sec rest in between. Equipment: (5lb - 20lb weights) and resistance bands.

  • Run Up & Down stairs 10 times or run 1 mile outside

  • 50 goblet squats (holding one 5lb - 20lb weight)

  • 20 push-ups

  • 50 crunches

  • 40 bicep curls (5lb -20lb weights)

  • 50 body weight lunges

  • 50 jumping Jacks

  • 1 minute plank

  • 40 tricep curl (5lb -20lb weights)

  • 50 bicycle crunches

  • 20 push-ups

  • 40 shoulder press (5lb -20lb weights)

  • 50 jumping jacks

  • 40 reverse fly (5lb - 20lb weights)

  • 40 Glute bridges (place bands above knees)

  • 50 calf raises holding weights (5lb - 20lb weights)

  • 50 total side walks with bands.(place bands above knees)

  • Optional: repeat twice for an extreme challenge!!


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