New Organifi Brand Ambassador

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

2020 will be an amazing year!! Beautiful things are already happening!

Recently, I became a brand ambassador for Organifi and I have to say that I’m truly blessed and honored. I have nothing but pure LOVE for Organifi products! To be honest, the market is flooded with products that are just crap and so bad for you. AND if you don’t know what to look for… could be wasting your money on products that are damaging to your health. This is exactly why doing the necessary due diligence researching the company and products is so much important. I am thrilled to be working with such an incredible brand aiming to promote better health, encourage community, and help push a sustainable lifestyle change. There products are life changing!

My journey with Organifi started almost two years ago when I was searching for a green juice that taste good, great quality, easily digestible by the body and also provides all the superfoods your body needs. This is when I discovered Organifi Green Juice. I put my trust in Mother Earth’s healing power and began adding Organifi to my daily routine. Now my husband and I enjoy this powerful superfood in our daily smoothies or alone mixed in water.

We all lead very busy lives juggling careers, family, and just dealing with life itself which can sometimes get in the way of living our best healthy life. This is why I’m a huge believer that proper supplementation is important to implement in your daily nutrition routine. WITH the proper products of course!

All Organifi Products are:

* 100% Organic

* Gluten-Free

* Dairy-Free

* Soy-Free

* Vegan

* Contains NO HARMFUL FILLERS, NO additives and NO artificial ingredients

Green Juice Benefits:

* Hydrates & Revitalizes your Body

* Naturally Balances Hormones

* Boosts Immune Function

* Support