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About Toneka

In my formative years, I grappled with weight challenges, unhealthy eating patterns, severe acne, and a battle with low self-esteem. It became crucial to assume control of my mental, physical, and holistic wellness for a profound transformation. A decade-long expedition of self-exploration, experimentation, and decoding my body facilitated significant personal growth. This journey birthed Beauty of Eden.

Toneka Royal

Our, Purpose

Empowering Beauty, Inside and Out: Beauty of Eden, we passionately champion clean beauty and holistic wellness, believing that true radiance begins from within. Our mission is to curate a transformative experience, offering meticulously crafted clean beauty products and fostering a culture that embraces inner well-being and mind-body connection. We aspire to inspire a journey towards self-care, encouraging harmony between mind, body, and spirit. With transparency, sustainability, and authenticity at our core, we strive to redefine beauty by nurturing both external allure and inner vitality

Our, Perspective

Our vision at Beauty of Eden is to lead a revolution in the realm of clean beauty and holistic wellness, creating a world where self-care isn't just a trend but a way of life. We envision a future where individuals seamlessly integrate inner wellness practices with clean, sustainable beauty routines, fostering a profound sense of balance, confidence, and vitality.

Clean Beauty
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Our, Principles

Beauty of Eden's commitment to clean beauty, holistic wellness, empowerment, and transparency.

At Beauty of Eden, we transcend the conventional beauty and wellness space to embrace the inner essence of natural beauty. Beyond skin-deep beauty, we celebrate the harmony of self-care, mental well-being, and holistic vitality. Our sanctuary curates a mindful selection of wellness essentials, self-care rituals, and nourishing products, promoting wellness from within through clean, nourishing foods and skincare.

Our ethos revolves around fostering a culture that prioritizes self-care and mental wellness. We're committed to transparency, sustainability, and education, empowering women over 40 to make informed choices for a balanced, healthier lifestyle.

With a dedication to inclusivity, our mission is to create an environment where every woman feels empowered, exuding confidence and grace from her distinct beauty within. Join us in embracing a journey that celebrates your unique allure and well-being from within.

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